HidrateSpark TAP Tritan Plastic Chug Lid 24oz

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Hidrate Spark TAP 24oz Tritan Plastic Chug Lid
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HidrateSpark TAP

A smart water bottle that tracks your water intake through the HidrateSpark app and glows to remind you to drink.

Tap To Track technology will update your water intake on the HidrateSpark app by simply tapping your smartphone to the NFC tag.

glow , drink , trace

The HidrateSpark TAP will light up to remind you to drink, and with our Tap to Track technology you can easily track your water intake when you touch your phone to the NFC tag on the bottle .

Keep your daily goals updated. Opt in to fun HidrateSpark app notifications to help you stay connected. Compete with friends in fun drinking water challenges.

Add some color to your drinking water.

Brighten up your water intake by choosing 7 pre-set fluorescent colors that glow every hour for 12 hours to help remind you and build good drinking habits.

easy to use

Simple push-button interface at the bottom of the bottle Allows you to set reminders glow each day or postpone the next glow

and can easily adjust the glow color Easily track your water intake goals. with our Tap to Track technology

The bottle also has a long-lasting replaceable battery.

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